GTF calls for impactful actions not just diplomatic rhetoric

The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) has called for impactful actions and not just diplomatic rhetoric on Sri Lanka.

The London based influential Tamil diaspora group said that the appointment of Shavendra Silva (Silva) as the new Commander of the Sri Lankan army is a deeply troubling development.

“For the Tamil community, this signals the end of the road for reconciliation efforts from the Sri Lankan Government. For the international community and all those interested in human rights and accountability in Sri Lanka, the message is unambiguous – the country cares very little about their views or potential consequences of its brazen actions,” the GTF said.

The GTF said that they are grateful that there are strong and concerted responses from several countries.

“We call upon all countries that value human rights, accountability and good governance in Sri Lanka, to make their voices heard – strong and loud – now, as well as during the 42nd session of the UNHRC in September,” the GTF said.

The GTF said that what is more important is to match the diplomatic rhetoric with impactful actions, adding that freezing Sri Lanka’s involvement with UN Peacekeeping Operations and suspending inter-governmental military co-operation, denying travel privileges for those credibly accused of international crimes, enforcing universal jurisdiction and Magnitsky Act sanctions, and withdrawing preferential investments and trade concessions are all options the international community should seriously consider.

The GTF also said that it is crunch time for the political leadership and the polity of Sri Lanka – they need to be conscious of, and if need be impressed upon, the fact that there is a price when a country does deviate from accepted international norms.


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