FM warns FM against confrontational foreign policy

Finance Minister Mangala Samarweera today warned the Foreign Ministry against a return to a foreign policy of isolation and confrontation.

Samaraweera tweeted saying Sri Lanka’s foreign policy must not return to its isolationist and confrontational past.

He said that the Westphalian mindset can only undo many of the achievements of the past four years.

Yesterday the Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying foreign entities must not interfere in a sovereign decision taken by the Government when appointing a new Army Commander.

The Foreign Ministry said that the appointment of the Army Commander of Sri Lanka is a sovereign decision by the Head of State.

“Foreign entities trying to influence the decisions and internal administrative processes of public service promotions in Sri Lanka is unwarranted and unacceptable,” the Foreign Ministry said.

The Foreign Ministry said that articulating a position of concern on this appointment by certain bilateral partners and international organizations, based on allegations, is regrettable and contrary to the principles of natural justice espoused by all responsible members of the international community.

The United States, Canada and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights raised deep concerns by Lieutenant-General Shavendra Silva’s appointment as Army Commander in Sri Lanka despite credible allegations of gross human rights violations against him during the war. (Colombo Gazette)



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