India says it stood with Sri Lanka during difficult times

India says the large participation of Indian companies in recent exhibitions in Sri Lanka is a reflection of India’s solidarity with Sri Lanka during difficult times.

Navin Dissanayaka, Minister of Plantation Industries of Sri Lanka and Taranjit Singh Sandhu, High Commissioner of India inaugurated the 6th Edition of COMPLAST (Complete Plastic Exhibition) today.

The 3rd Edition of the International Rubber Expo and 4th Edition of COMEXPO (Complete Manufacturing Expo) were also inaugurated.

P.L.U. Rathnamalala Director General, Industrial Development Board of Sri Lanka, Kaushal Rajapaksa, President, Plastics & Rubber Institute of Sri Lanka, B. Swaminathan, President and CEO, Smart Expos, India representatives from thePlastics Export Promotion Council of India – (PLEXCONCIL) and other dignitaries were also present.

Around 35 exhibitors from India are participating in the exhibition. The companies are supported by PLEXCONCIL and Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

Dissanayake spoke about the strong bilateral ties between Sri Lanka and India. He also spoke about the initiatives undertaken by Ministry of Plantation Industries for development of rubber industry in Sri Lanka.

He added that there is a lot of potential for further collaboration. He called upon the industry to come up with innovative models to realize the targets set under Sri Lanka Rubber Industry Master Plan.

The High Commissioner, in his address, noted that the large participation of Indian companies in the recent exhibitions is a reflection of India’s solidarity with Sri Lanka during difficult times.

He also spoke about the potential offered by Indian plastics industry in terms of raw material base, capacity, infrastructure and skilled manpower. He pointed out the need to address the issue of plastic waste so as to ensure environmentally sustainable growth.


  1. If India is doing well as the West proclaims, why Indians are slaving as Taxi drivers in Australia?

    I don’t have that much hope on South Asia’s success. South Asia has almost 2 billion people but the foreign powers can do wonders, because South Asians are merely flesh and blood. They cannot compete with the intelligent people, and can be divided easily. Indians are not wise as Chinese leaders, otherwise India would not have got independence at the cost of its own division (creating Pakistan). India is faking it and the West is helping Indians to fake it, after all India is following the Western (trick)system. Since the independence India does not have a policy to unite the subcontinent to use the world’s largest human resources to develop South Asia. But made disasters by creating terrorism in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s agony and pain is a simple example of Indian leadership. Therefore, I call upon the Sri Lankans to follow the dragon to have a prosperous future.

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