SLPP begins islandwide e-canvassing

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) began an islandwide e-canvassing campaign today to promote the party ahead of the upcoming elections.

Milinda Rajapaksha, SLPP Colombo Municipal Council member and spokesman for former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, said that for the first in the history of political campaigning in Sri Lanka, the SLPP is implementing an islandwide e-canvassing programme.

He said that the islandwide e-canvassing programme is being implemented this weekend, using the latest mobile technology, implemented by the Podujana Engineering Front.


  1. During the 2015 election time my Facebook account was suspended.

    My Facebook account was suspended 8 times for exposing the Australian Aboriginal people‚Äôs hardships. During the 2015 election time my Facebook account was suspended, but there were many posting had been posted against China and Rajapaksas. This is the 21st century divide and conquer strategy. It was done deliberately to change the regime, but I wasn’t aware of it. This will give you an idea how much I have been isolated and used my account for propaganda. This is the reason I don’t have that much hope on South Asia’s success. South Asia has almost 2 billion people but the foreign powers can do wonders, because South Asians are merely flesh and blood. They cannot compete with the intelligent people.


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