US insists will not control land in Sri Lanka under MCC deal

The United States today insisted it will not control any land in Sri Lanka under the proposed Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) deal with Sri Lanka.

The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Alaina B. Teplitz said that strong and inclusive economic growth promotes Sri Lankan sovereignty.

She said that the US wants to contribute to Sri Lanka’s growth by helping create economic opportunities for all.

“That’s what the MCC development assistance agreement is all about,” she said.

The Ambassador was speaking at the Sri Lanka-US Business Council AGM held today.

Ravinatha Aryasinha, Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also attended the event.

“Sri Lanka will retain oversight and control of all roads proposed for improvement. The US will not own, control or administer any land,” the US Ambassador said.

There have been concerns that under the proposed MCC deal the US will gain control over land in Sri Lanka.

Teplitz said that the Governments of Sri Lanka and the US along with the private sector and civil society, collaboratively developed the proposed MCC agreement which is a $480 mil grant/gift designed to promote economic growth in Sri Lanka.


  1. International Law and International Relations does “NOT” allow a foreign representative of another country to communicate in writing regarding State matters in which the foreign representative is the head of that country’s “DIPLOMATIC MISSION”.
    The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alaina B. Teplitz sending an urgent letter to President Maithripala Sirisena seeking his intervention to ensure Cabinet approves the proposed Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact agreement between Sri Lanka and the US is a “VIOLATION” of the above norms (disciplines) of International Relations. Sri Lanka should not tolerate this type of high-handed activities or “arm strecthing” tactics of the United States Goverment or it’s Ambassador in Sri Lanka. Any communication between the two Nations has to be dealt with by and through the Foreign Ministry of the respective countries and an Ambassador, because she represents the USA in Sri Lanka cannot make requests to the head of the state (The President) of Sri Lanka.
    Noor Nizam, Peace and Political Activist, Political Communications Researcher and SLFP/SLPP Stalwart.


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