Ravi confident Sajith will not be UNP pick for President

United National Party Assistant Leader Ravi Karunanayake is confident that UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa will not be the choice of the UNP for President.

Karunanayake told reporters that the Presidential candidate must at least be Ordinary Level  (O/L) qualified.

When journalists said that Sajith Premadasa has received education qualifications overseas, Karunanayake said that if so then he must present it to the public.

He also said that UNP MPs who make false claims that Sajith Premadasa has majority support in the UNP to be the next Presidential candidate will be questioned by the party leadership.

Karunanayake also said that the UNP Working Committee will not pick Premadasa to be the Presidential candidate. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We do not know, how UNP is going to win when Ravi is continuing as Assistant Leader and talking
    like this. Ranil’s chances were lost due to Mahendran and Bond connection. UNP members are cursing Ranil for destroying the party. Of course some coteries will praise him .

  2. True….Ravi will be the downfall of the unp….He has been held as being corrupt and I just cannot imagine him pointing his finger at someone else…he should remember that at least Sajith has not got involved in any under hand deals like him and also when you are pointing your finger at another four of them are directed towards you .

  3. This is drama. Do our people still get caught to these misleading politicians.. very sad if you believe in this thief who acts like a saint now.


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