Over 217,000 patients hospitalized in 3 years using 1990

The ambulance service that took Sri Lanka’s pre-hospital care service to a revolutionary path celebrated its third birthday yesterday at the Suwasariya Headquarters in Rajagiriya under the patronage of Dr. Harsha De Silva, the Minister of  Economic Reforms and Public Distribution.

Yasiru Nelshan of  Matara the first child born in a 1990 ambulance also attended the event with his family. The occasion was also a grand celebration Yasiru’s third birthday.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Harsha De Silva, Founder of the Suwasariya Ambulance Service, Minister of  Economic Reforms and Public Distribution said that during the past three years, Suwasariya was able to hospitalized 217,000 patients.

“If we look at this figure as an average, we have seen about 200 people hospitalized every day for the past three years. This number has risen to 700 per day now. 1990 is the most efficient government service in Sri Lanka. Wherever we are in Sri Lanka, we come to a patient in less than 12 minutes. The speed is even faster in urban areas where roads are better,” the Minister said.

“When we started the service we were faced with many challenges. I am very happy to see that we have overcome those challenges. Suwaseriya is a service that works for the people. Before, only those with money could go to a hospital in an ambulance. Today everyone in Sri Lanka has that opportunity. ”

Dr. Harsha de Silva thanked Dumindra Rathnayake, who voluntarily leads the wellness staff, the Board of Directors and all the staff.


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