Presidential hopeful Gotabaya Rajapaksa returns to Sri Lanka

Presidential hopeful Gotabaya Rajapaksa returned to Sri Lanka after undergoing medical treatment in Singapore.

He arrived in Sri Lanka last night and was escorted to Colombo under tight security.

Rajapaksa is expected to be considered as the Presidential candidate of the joint opposition at the next Presidential elections.


  1. Joker of the day Gota the dictator with no experience trying to fool the people and become the president US citizen family is living in US this can happened only in paradise nothing personal its the truth

  2. Only a foreigner can salvage this country. It should be a business plan, like Hongkong, Taiwan. Give this land on lease and they will develop this. All what sudda did for us are left as the only qualitative remnants of this country. i.e.Galle Fort, railway, tea and cinnomon industry, etc. Our idiots can not even maintain them. All our past with identity is erased by road widening of old roads which had beautiful old buildings with Verandahs on either side. if you go to Jaffna, you can see RDA road widening stones marking up in the middle of old buildings of archeological and architectural value, to be cut and removed in half to widen the road. They have not found an alternate route instead. After this destruction, you will see Aluminium cladded kottu joints which will be our identity wherever you would see. Sinhalese are the most insensitive idiotic nation. They do not have sense. Tamils are the most selfish race which do not feel Sr Lankan other than they being only Tamil. Muslims are buisnessmen. They adopt for any gain. All looters in parliament will have to be arrested. A dictatorship is essential to implement actions plans. So @Ranjith, Gota is one of the suitable candidates, despite family in US and whatever they do elsewhere.


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