Head of the Anglican church to visit Sri Lanka

The Archbishop of Canterbury His Grace Rt. Rev. Justin Welby and Mrs. Welby are scheduled to visit Sri Lanka from the 29th – 31st August 2019.

During the visit the Archbishop of Canterbury is expected to show solidarity with Sri Lanka following the Easter Sunday attacks.

After he became Archbishop in March 2013, Archbishop Justin committed to visiting every Province in the Anglican Communion within his first 18 months so that he could meet all the primates and understand the different challenges they face.

He and his wife Caroline made 14 trips which totalled 96 days. Returning to Church of England’s General Synod after his pilgrimage, Archbishop Justin made three key points about the Communion.

First, that despite some in the Church of England arguing that it no longer exists, the Communion “exists and it is flourishing”.

Second, that despite its incredible diversity – Anglicans are in 165 countries, speaking 2,000 languages across 500 different cultures – there is a “profound unity in many ways”.

And third, “that the potential of the Communion under God is beyond anything we can imagine or think about.”

Archbishop Justin continues to make regular visits throughout the Communion to encourage provinces in their ministries, and support efforts for peace and reconciliation. (Colombo Gazette)


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