Pakistan High Commission in Colombo fumes at allegations

The Pakistan High Commission in Colombo strongly rejected allegations raised in a news report reproduced by the Colombo Gazette regarding two boats intercepted by the Navy.

The Pakistan High Commission said in a statement emailed to the Colombo Gazette: Reference a news items titled “Alerted by Indian agencies: Coast guard intercepts boats carrying drug from Karachi” carried by Colombo Gazette on July 12, 2019, sourced from ANI. The story purportedly described “two boats carrying banned drugs from Karachi to Sri Lanka were reportedly intercepted by the Sri Lankan Coast Guard on the input of Indian agencies”. The story further claimed “this drug business is a major source of income for Pakistan’s ISI which uses the drug trade for terror funding. The funds obtained through such trade are also used to fund extremist ideology in Sri Lanka”.

The story, lacking the credible source or authenticity, not only presented a fabricated and defamatory theme but also violated the journalistic ethos. It amounts to indicting the State of Pakistan and its premier institutions for so called “drug business” or “terror funding” without any cogent evidence. The contents of the story are based on biasness, spinning and angling of the facts. There are judgmental expressions in the story which is clearly a violation of journalistic norms of impartiality and objectivity.

The High Commission of Pakistan categorically rejects the untrue and preposterous claims by the newspaper.

Ascribing such allegations to Pakistan and its institutions for involvement in drug business or terrorist financing is a clear proof of the continuous malicious intents of the Indian agencies against Pakistan.

The despicable insinuation made by the newspaper is utterly regrettable as the story has been proven wrong.

Moreover, the High Commission urges the newspaper that instead of putting blame on Pakistan, it would have been better to take point of view of the concerned quarters before publishing the news.

Both Pakistan and Sri Lanka continue to enjoy excellent relations since long. In the current scenario, such a defamatory media campaign only aims to harm the brotherly ties and to damage the goodwill and trust between the two friendly countries.

The High Commission of Pakistan expects the management of Colombo Gazette to ensure that in the future such fake, mala-fide and concocted stories, specifically targeting Pakistan and its institutions will not be disseminated without any credible source or evidence.


  1. The editor should know not to get involved in the Indo – Pak conflict issues by giving credence to unsubstantiated news which more or less amount to concocted blatant lies. The history of the Indo-Pak conflict issues has descended to such despicable levels that the Kashmiri Freedom fighters are being branded as terrorists by the Indian Govt despite its failure to adhere to UN resolutions requiring a holding of a plescbicite in Kashmir.

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