UNIBA partners Strategic Insurance, Beyond Wealth Benefits— A class by themselves

Strategic Insurance Brokers has extended its global clout with a high profile tie up with UNIBA, the brokers’ network coveted globally in the insurance business.

UNIBA are one of the world’s largest independent providers of Employee Benfit, Cyber Security and Risk management with over 60 independent brokers in 140 countries and growing , all around the world, and is an International Best of Class Broker Association.

“We are proud of SIB joining UNIBA Partners. A strong and motivated broker in a very particular market, SIB is a major addition to our network and very helpful to support both regional business and service incoming business from further away,’ Mareen Hüffmeier, CEO of UNIBA Partners said, in concluding the stringent due diligence and selection process.

UNIBA selected Sib as a virtual brand ambassador in South Asia, and those in the trade and outside know that UNIBA’s selection process is no breezy talent contest, but an exacting vetting process that challenges all comers —  but only the truly excellent can get through. Far more brokers are turned down by UNIBA  than are selected as partners, but Sib not only made the cut, but is now UNIBA’s premier insurance arm in the East Indian region.

UNIBA Partners headquartered in Forest, Brussels, has a long and distinguished record in Europe where the network is a one of the insurance and risk management elites, but has also has now fanned out to Latin America and Africa and the Pacific regions. But this globally established Network is incrementally venturing into Asia, and its point of entry is through the established elite corprates like  Strategic Insurance Brokers, who are an authoritative presence in Sri Lanka the East Indian Region.

The future of business in Asia relies on quality financial services and insurance brokers who can offer high level risk management advice. UNIBA and its partners are proud to welcome Strategic Insurance Brokers (SIB)  to our global partnership. We’re sure the professional efforts and expertise offered by SIB will be enhanced through , and add to, our partnership, resulting in even greater levels of service and opportunities for all of us, particularly SIB’s clients in Sri Lanka, Brian Salisbury Chairman and driving force behind the development of UNIBA Partners’ Asia-Pacific region said ‘UNIBA is particular about who we work with. We think and the network was unanimously convinced that SIB is the best fit and is focused on quality, integrity and a true willingness to commit to our clients, to the network and its partners, which are fundamental to UNIBA identity. This partner screening process has created a culture of openness  which is valued by all of our stakeholders. Our Partner selection process is highly interactive, it is deliberate and unhurried – and it directly reflects our client and quality focus,’  said Mareen Hüffmeier, CEO of UNIBA partners, during her recent visit SIB to complete the Due Diligence.

UNIBA is virtually an insurance ecosystem, and depends on the services provided by expert brokers in the network. Values based brokering and integrity is especially important in keeping a business ecosystem of this sort thriving, and Sib has been chosen for these values it embodies, in contrast to flyby-night brokers who have sprung up in countries like Sri Lanka, posing a threat to credibility of insurance and reinsurance industries.

“We were impressed with UNIBA Partners’ professionalism”, said Indrajith Fernando, SIB’s Director.

“Being part of the network will enhance our ability to offer a unique service offering to our rapidly growing clients of Sri Lanka-based companies venturing on overseas projects, and the global companies having an interest in Sri Lanka and South Asia. SIB are proud to announce that they have been invited and is privileged and honoured to further strengthen its global operations by joining UNIBA Partners,” SIB Director Lakmali Happuarachchi added.

‘We test for professionalism and for management quality as well as financial stability, for reputation in the market as well as for client focus, and we look at succession planning as well as at innovation.  We require adherence to our Code of Conduct as well as to a list of internal good standing criteria,’ Huffmeier added.

Shiranthi Wijegoonewardena International Desk Manager Sib said, ‘In today’s increasingly dynamic and changing insurance market, SIB helps clients to thrive and survive. Our expert financial and risk consultants help clients to anticipate, quantify and fully understand the range of risks they face. We work with clients both big and small, helping them define, design and deliver innovative solutions to better quantify and manage risk’.

Strategic Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd (SIB) is a global leader in Insurance and Reinsurance broking and risk management, based in Sri Lanka. The Company helps clients from Sri Lanka and all over the world to quantify and manage risks to unlock new opportunities for growth.

With operations spanning over several decades, SIB has diverse experience operating as a registered Composite insurance and reinsurance broker in Sri Lanka. The company manages insurance and reinsurance affairs of insurance companies, individuals, financial institutions and other corporate entities in Sri Lanka.

UNIBA Partners is an owner-led, client-centric global network that provides insurance broking, risk management and employee benefits solutions. UNIBA’s overriding objective is to assist and protect clients in a constantly changing world. They do so by creating highly professional teams across borders and timelines, open and sensitive to the many variations in domestic legislation, cultures, and indeed, expectations.

Pictured from left:

Brian Salisbury, Director – Asia Pacific, Mareen Hüffmeier, CEO-UNIBA Partners Indrajith Fernando, Director-SIB/BW, Lakmali Hapuarachchi-Director-SIB, Shiranthi Wijegoonawardana-IDM Uniba-SIB


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