Mosaic by Rajani Serasinghe, bringing life to your home

Mosaic is an art or mural made by assembling small pieces of colored glass, ceramic tiles, stones or similar types of material. The art of mosaics dates back to more than 4000 years although it has a very contemporary ethos of recycling and up cycling.

Whilst a niche market, Rajani Serasinghe, introduces the art of Mosaic, a form of creativity she has been mastering ever since she was 16 when she completed her first ever mosaic.

Her mother, also an artist always made sure that Rajani and her siblings stayed in touch with their creative side. A qualified Interior Designer, Rajani initially commenced her journey with site visits, interior projects and supervising ongoing projects. However, as a mother of three children, Rajani continued her love for designing, but decided to focus her creativity and talent whilst also being a stay-at-home mother.

“Mosaic was something that fit well with my love and passion for art and creativity. It’s something I have always loved to do. I then realized that it would be a great start up so I set up my small home business, Mosaic’d-by-Raj, which also allows me to see my inspirations take form” said Rajani who also finds this an excellent opportunity to up cycle unused or discarded ceramic tiles as she feels she can contribute to waste reduction in her own little way.

Her favourite part? The joy of observing an idea for a mosaic take its shape using bits and pieces of material that comes together to form a unique artistic creation.

A mosaic creation is rather time consuming although the results are worth it. “It usually takes me a minimum of two weeks to complete a piece from inception until completion. Some pieces may take longer and this depends on the size and intricacy of the design. There is quite a bit of work involved in the making of a mosaic; breaking tiles and shaping them, placing them into a design and then cementing and binding it all together.”

She further added “I have worked on a few mosaics where I have utilized over 1500 tiny pieces. It excites me that no two tiny tiles can be the same and they somehow find a place in a big puzzle!”

One of Rajani’s masterpieces comes in the form of a flamingo themed mirror frame. Her inspiration comes after seeing hundreds of flamingos on her way to Jaffna from Naagadeepa. “Another client of mine living overseas loves Araliya and wanted a frame with these flowers. I then created a mosaic for her with this preferred theme”.

Mosaic’d-by-Raj concentrates mainly on mirror frames. Rajani believes that in addition to its aesthetic purpose it is something her clients would use in their daily lives and in their homes. Apart from mirror frames she works on statement pieces, Breakfast counters, cement benches and tables and even house numbers!

For inquiries contact Rajani on or follow her Instagram page for prices and designs – @mosaicdbyraj