Former top Navy officer tells female journalist to leave Sri Lanka

A former top Navy officer has come under attack on social media for telling a female journalist to leave Sri Lanka over a comment she had made on twitter.

Journalist Marianne David had tweeted raising concerns over an event set to take place next Sunday promoting a car free Colombo.

“No, I will not support car-free Colombo. I can barely walk 100 metres without some sick pervert or inbred idiot saying something perverted or stupid to me or making some strangled sound – today’s was a meow, of all bloody sounds, a MEOW. So no, no car-free Colombo for me, thanks,” she tweeted.

Former Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Navy and Former Governor of the Eastern Province Mohan Wijewickrama tweeted a response saying “Please leave this country. You do not belong here. What is your ulterior motive?”

Several journalists and others questioned the right Mohan Wijewickrama had to tell anyone to leave Sri Lanka.

Wijewickrama was appointed as Governor of North Eastern Province in January 2006, by President Mahinda Rajapaksa and later Governor of the Eastern Province in December 2006.

Today Wijewickrama is a strong supporter of former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

There was no immediate response from Rajapaksa to the tone used by Wijewickrama.


  1. Finding a gentleman in Paradise Isle is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Everyone has a right to air their opinions. ..who has the right to ask someone to leave their motherland. Just disgusting, coming from a high ranking officer. Wonder what the juniors would say.

  2. You should take it as a compliment. It’s just some poor guy who thinks you are attractive. In Italy or South America the women appreciate it. So I guess if you are a traveller you should not be so judgemental and call people derogatory names. If you do t like it either say so to the guy or just ignore.

  3. She can say what she wants to,but what connection it has to ‘car free day’ is what I cant understand.It is true that some men and women are not self disciplined due to various reasons. Generally it is because of the environment one has grown up in, not all men are bad. Mr.Wijewickrama has no reason to tell Ms.David to leave Sri Lanka,if he did really say it, he should apologise.Ms.David could have just said that she does not agree with the no car programme.

  4. Out of no where sri lanka is only country harassing the people what a poor excuse, the government trying to avoid the heavy traffic and these journalist trying to riot against it. This country need a change if you can’t help it leave please, its not our fault for what happened to you, if you can’t walk take a taxi.

  5. These men need to be educated about what the truth of this country is. Turning a blind eye to street harassment is helping no one.

  6. And this is what is considered news today? Better scoops out there CG, other than keyboard bashing/ banter.

  7. It is obvious the man does not understand the meaning of free speech! He is not fit to continue in HIS post and should be removed, How dare he ask a citizen to leave his country of birth! He is an officer but NO gentleman!!

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