Several distorted Sri Lanka flags at Kandy rally

Several distorted Sri Lanka flags were raised at a rally staged in Kandy today.

The rally was staged by the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) where several proposals were made in the presence of a large number of monks and others.

At the rally several people were seen holding distorted Sri Lanka flags while some people also got onto the stage at the end of the rally and waved the distorted flags.

The flags did not have the two green and orange colour stripes that represent the minorities in Sri Lanka.

Most Muslim shops in Kandy were closed today ahead of the BBS rally fearing attacks. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Not a done thing. I am a Sinhala Buddhist, all 3 communities are the people of this country. Of course as Countrymen they must all love and support Sri Lanka and not Arab countries or hindu countries .

  2. We have a Spineless Government and a Good for nothing President who are turning a blind eye to the racists monks who are hell bent on destroying our Country.

  3. It looks quite similar to King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe’s flag. He was our last local king and was a Tamil .May be they want to go back to that era!

  4. its a big drama from bbs they can’t do anything againts muslims because muslims they have political backgrounds. crazy peoples.
    Rip (bbs)

  5. All communities should be united to build a nation of pride . but unfortunately our country is deteriorating fast due to rasism . Hatred is already cultivated in the minds of our younger generation as well. Where are we heading to???

  6. Don’t you guys know about “sinhale” flag…
    Its kinda similar to sri Lanka’s flag becouse sri lanka using updated version of sinhale flag by adding symbols to represent tamil, muslim and others. You cannot say “distorted” for origins.


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