President threatens to block deals with US

President Maithripala Sirisena has threatened to block key agreements under negotiation with the United States.

The President said that concerns have been raised in the media over the Government’s negotiations with the US on the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), the Millennium Challenge Corporation Sri Lanka Compact and the Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement (ACSA).

The President said that no matter what the progress is on the discussions, he will not allow the deals to be signed if they pose a threat to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

“Some foreign powers are attempting to make Sri Lanka their base. But I will not allow any agreement which poses a threat to our country to be signed,” he said.

The President expressed these views at the “Let’s Stand Together for the Country” Monaragala District Programme held at the Bibile public grounds today.

The opposition and most recently some in the business community have raised concerns over the agreements with the US.

However the United States has maintained that there is no move to establish a US military base in Sri Lanka.

The Government has also rejected claims that the deal with the US will pose a threat to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lanka had reached out to China to eliminate the ruthless terrorism, because the West and India were reluctant to eliminate the ruthless terrorism in Sri Lanka. Because of China Sri Lanka is free from terrorism. Easter Sunday attacks happened because the foreign powers systematically disabled the intelligence networks to achieve their ulterior motives. I urge the leaders to stick with their initial decision to follow China to remove terrorism and also for loans to develop the country. China is already invested in port city project and other important projects. Sri Lanka must commit to China as Singapore committed to the West. If the leaders bring the US into Sri Lanka it will create unnecessary disasters. You will become enemies of yourselves. The world powers will divide and rule you. The world powers will use your people as the foreign powers used Tamils and Muslims to create civil war and Easter Sunday attacks. The Singapore government would not allow the Chinese forces in Singapore, likewise Sri Lankan government should not allow the US forces in Sri Lanka. If the US wants to build factories to create jobs we should allow it. If they want bring forces and military hardwares we must say ‘thanks but no thanks’.

  2. Can somebody check the mental status of this president? Does he know that he was made to be a president of this country, unfortunately, and that he is no longer a Gramasevaka?

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