Supreme Court issues interim order against death penalty

The Supreme Court today issued an interim order against the implementation of the death penalty.

The Supreme Court ordered that the death penalty not be carried out till October 30.

The order was given after a Fundamental Rights petition was filed in the Supreme Court against moves by President Maithripala Sirisena to execute four convicts on drug related charges.

President Maithripala Sirisena said recently he has ordered the execution of four convicts on death row over drug related offences, claiming it would end increasing addiction problems in the country.

While the President had confirmed signing the death warrants, no names have been revealed and no details have been shared about any scheduled executions or information on the cases.

Amnesty International said recently that the lack of transparency makes it impossible to ascertain whether these prisoners have exhausted clemency appeals or if all safeguards were followed in their conviction or sentencing. There is also no confirmation that the four prisoners, or their families, have been alerted to their imminent execution.

The executions, if carried out, would be the first time Sri Lanka has implemented the death penalty since 1976. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This country has been cursed, the worse is yet to come. I never met utter fools anywhere else. The dangerous thing is this fools would not even think twice to turn against their own family member.

  2. “The Supreme Court today issued an interim order against the implementation of the death penalty.”
    Thank you Honourable Judges of the Supreme Court.
    May you all be well, happy, peaceful and most of all, free from suffering. Metta to all.

  3. The death penalty saga was on the President’s talk to take the world’s attention from the Easter Sunday bombings and the current leaders’ failure to protect the local people and tourists.

    When I see a South Asian, immediately one thought comes into my mind ‘this race loves to embarrasse the 21st century humanity’. In the 1980 your big brothers divided and conquered you, from the 1990s to 2009 the West divided and conquered you. In the future other Asians will divide and conquer you.

    I am glad I never married one you, nor created a South Asian child. I have done the right thing, because I did not multiply a foolish race. I have developed my knowledge and significantly helped the other Asian countries to move forward and eventually breaking the white supremacy.

    I really don’t know why most of you continue to breed, even though you have no rights to be a human in the 21st century.

  4. Whilst much of the world moves towards progressive drug policies based on actual evidence of harm reduction, the move to reintroduce the death penalty is a horrible step backwards by Sri Lanka.

    Any praise of the policies enacted in The Phillipines by Duterte must be rigourously questioned, as they have no place in any decent country with human rights laws.

    • Death penalty is the only way to reduce the crimes committed by the fools who have been breeding as rabbits and multiplying foolishness. Whoever against the death penalty has a personal gain through drug trafficking or deliberately wants to keep the criminals free to continue to destroy the country.


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