President instructs officials to expedite Easter Sunday relief

President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed officials to expedite relief assistance to businesses affected by the Easter Sunday attacks, especially to businesses in the tourism sector.

Issues faced by the tourism industry were discussed at a meeting with the President today.

The President noted that while instructions have already been given to the relevant officials to assist those affected by the attacks, those instructions have not been implemented.


  1. The practice of Democracy demands accountability, transparency and honesty to the people who elected them. Responsibility is the ability to respond justly and truthfully to questions, situations, and problems; based on the accepted legal, political, religious and social norms and principles of equality for ALL the people of the country.

    Valuing the dignity of ALL the persons makes a person to respond rightly. The response-ability if good, truthful and honest will bring peace, stability, good governance, wealth and progress to ALL the people of the country. But if the response-ability is bad and untruthful it will bring bad governance, chaos, poverty, uprisings, wars and destruction to the detriment of ALL the people of the country.

    Therefore, any society, political party, religious organizations and governments that seek the truth, find it , value it and will develop a truthful mind set and good conscience. They only can respond rightly. to problems. The others are junk, discards and evil in the society and country.

    In Sri Lanka(SL), the politicians and Buddhist monks who do wrong talk louder than those who desire and do good. Such irresponsibility makes bad to look better than good. They cover up incompetence and ignorance by big mouth talk.

    Extremism is not in seeking legitimate rights but doing harm and destruction to fellow man, his legitimate rights, his life and property by discrimination, hatred, violence and murder. During the past 70 years in SL, the extremist Buddhist monks and Sinhala politicians motivated and inspired the Sinhalese to violate the principles of Buddhism and democracy. They created a deliberate mind set of violence and irresponsibility to harm the country and the peaceful understanding of the citizens.

    Former Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranayake, democratically elected leader of Dominion Of Ceylon (DOC) in the 1950s, faced extremism and death in the hands of Buddhist monks;

    1. SWRD, a third generation Christian, was shown the greed to be the PM of DOC and compelled to convert to Buddhism by Sinhala extremists and Sinhala Buddhist monks.

    2. Monks forced SWRD to tear off already signed BC pact on 9-4-1958, a pact signed between the national leaders of indigenous Sinhalese and the indigenous Tamils. The BC pact is still valid as the tear off was unilateral by SWRD, but is not implemented up to now.

    3. A Buddhist monk in robes shot and killed SWRD

    Sinhala Buddhist Extremism (SBE) is the oldest and violent extremism in SL. Anti-Tamil violence, murder, civil wars, and forcible grabbing of the traditional land of Tamils is obviously extremist repression. Planting Buddha statue in Hindu temples is toxic. The Buddhist monks are yet to be remorseful and apologise to all the people of SL for propagating venomous ethnic hatred, especially against the indigenous Tamils who lived, ruled by their Tamil kings in this island, for more than 2500 years.

    Tamils must be given dignity as equal citizens to the Sinhalese. Denial of Tamil political rights is a curse on this island. Rights need recognition and support, not favour from the Sinhalese

    Truth is the highest form of reality.Therefore, monks need to renounce SBE publicly, come out from their dark mind set or mentality and return to the light of real Buddhism and follow the principles of it, to make SL a peaceful country. The gathering on 7th July 2019 should first address this issue facing the country. If not, the monks can only cause more harm than any cure.


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