Sri Lanka makes push to recapture Chinese tourism market

Sri Lanka is making an aggressive push to recapture the Chinese tourist market.

Just days after inviting several Chinese journalists to visit the country, Sri Lankan authorities have now invited a large number of Chinese travel agents.

A Chinese delegation consisting of 100 travel agents will be in Sri Lanka from the 1st -7th July 2019, on a familiarization visit to experience Sri Lankan culture and also to help to increase the Chinese tourist arrivals to the island, the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau said today.

The Tourism Promotion Bureau said that the Chinese market is a very important market for tourism and is one of the key markets bringing in a large number of tourists each year.

With their experience during their stay, these travel agents will also be able to convey the message that Sri Lanka has regained its place as a number one travel destination in the world and is also safe to travel.

During their stay the Chinese delegation is scheduled to visit cultural sites, and also participate in a charity project at the Sri Jinananda Children’s home, Sri Sugatha Viharaya , No : 01, Dharmarama Rd, Colombo.

A welcoming ceremony will be held in this regard, at the Hilton Colombo, with distinguished guests including Kishu Gomes, Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and Ms. Madhubani Perera, Director Marketing, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau. (Colombo Gazette)


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