Mahinda says Sri Lanka needs to strengthen religious unity

Leader of the Opposition Mahinda Rajapaksa says Sri Lanka needs to strengthen religious unity.

Speaking while attending the opening of the renovated Church of Divine Love in Urubokka, Rajapaksa said that Sri Lanka does not just require national unity but also religious unity.

He said he hopes Sri Lanka will be able to set an example to the world on unity among all communities.

The former President said that his party stands for unity among religions and all communities.

Rajapaksa also noted that religious unity among communities can be seen in local villages.

He noted that no matter what religion one belongs to people in the village support communities of other religions. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Keep talking about religion and ignore the knowledge. Eventually, you will pay a high price. If the majority of young people are wasting their time in temples and mosques foreign powers and radicals will continue to destroy the country. The best way to measure the country’s knowledge is see where most of the young people are spending their time. Why Middle East was destroyed by the West? Why Sri Lanka is having blood baths since the independence? I bet most of the young people are in the Middle East and Sri Lanka are in Mosques and temples.


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