Rishad says he had no contacts with Zahran

Former Minister Rishad Bathiudeen told the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) on the Easter Sunday attacks today that he had no contact with Zahran Hashim, the mastermind behind the Easter Sunday attacks.

Bathiudeen also denied allegations raised against him saying he never supported terrorism and condemned the actions of Zahran Hashim.

Meanwhile, during the Parliamentary Select Committee hearings today, quoting a letter sent by Acing IGP Senior DIG C. D. Wickramaratne, to Dhammika Dasanayake, Secretary General of Parliament, the Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri said that no evidence has been found to link Bathiudeen to the series of bomb blasts of 2019 April 21 nor any terrorist activity, in investigations conducted so far by the Investigations Committee comprising of CID, FCID, and Colombo Fraud Investigation Bureau (CFIB), established to investigate complaints against Bathiudeen and former Governors MLAM Hisbullah and Azath Salley.

The investigations committee conducted its investigations under Acing IGP Senior DIG C. D. Wickramaratne.


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