MOD says security measures not relaxed

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) says security measures have not been relaxed although the immediate threat foreseen subsequent to the Easter Sunday Attacks have been averted.

Secretary to the Ministry of Defence General SHS Kottegoda said in a statement that multiple measures have been taken to ensure public safety, and protect the sovereignty of the country as well as its territorial integrity.

He said that the immediate threat assessment was concluded by the security forces under his directive and they opined that the threat levels have been considerably reduced.

“Hence, the immediate threat foreseen subsequently to the Easter Sunday Attacks has been averted. That is not to imply that security measures have been relaxed in any way. On the contrary, MOD is diligently working with the Armed Forces, Department of Police and Intelligence services (local and foreign), to ensure that all information is monitored, assessed and actions are implemented where necessary. It must be noted that we are faced with the task of battling a non-traditional form of terrorism, and this terrorism has been and continues to be a global threat,” the Defence Secretary said.

The MOD has identified seven factors which are key to good governance and public safety which are essential in formulating and executing strategic plans and policies for a secure and safe country for all citizens.

The Defence Secretary said the MOD has already taken necessary steps to link and set the right channels of communication with the respective Ministries that fall on to each of the key factors.

He also said that the intelligence apparatus has been strengthened under the new Chief of National Intelligence (CNI) with stringent measures taken to counter traditional and non-traditional national security threats.

“As Sri Lankans, our fight is not against any single community, it is against terrorism and that which tries to create disharmony amongst our people. We will endeavor to address these issues so that a repeat of the past will not occur, and also ensure that all Sri Lankans will feel secure and safe once again irrespective of race, religion or cast,” he said.

The Defence Secretary said that the battle with terrorism will continue around the world as long as the ideology which at the centre of terrorism is not dealt with. (Colombo Gazette)


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