President wants 19th Amendment abolished

President Maithripala Sirisena says the 19th Amendment to the Constitution must be abolished in order to establish good governance in the country to ensure freedom and democracy in future.

The President said that even though the monarchical and dictatorial nature of the 18th Amendment to the constitution resulted in bringing the 19th Amendment to the constitution, the latter made the country impossible to move forward under a single political leadership and thus created political uncertainty where objectives of the good governance proved futile.

The President expressed these views while speaking during the 40th anniversary celebrations of the National Housing Development Authority at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo today.

The President said that the country needs a peoples friendly Government sensitive to their expectations and for that matter honest and patriotic leaders are a prerequisite.

Venerable Banagala Upatissa the chief prelate in Japan, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, Former Minister Ms. Ferial Ashroff, and Former Chairpersons of the National Housing Development Authority were also among the gathering.


  1. Mr President, the country only needs from you is your resignation.

    Mr President, you don’t have a degree even from the low ranking Sri Lankan universities. You are not even capable to get an admission for low ranking SriLankan Universities. You had betrayed former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, now you don’t want to work with Ranil who placed you as the President. No other leader has damaged Sri Lankan as you have done it profoundly. You are continue to betraying the leaders, people and tourists. Even during the Asia’s longest brutal civil war in Sri Lanka this many foreigners did not die. You are systematically downplaying the damage caused by the Easter Sunday attacks for tourism industry, in order to cover up your failed responsibility. Eventually, it will comeback and haunt you in big time.

    My message to people of Sri Lanka.

    Do not continue to become enemies for yourselves. Remove uneducated leaders and start to recognise talented people. Write down the names of the leaders and intellectuals who have been assassinated in Sri Lanka since the independence then you would know how foolish and dangerous people you are. The latest victims are four Chinese scientists killed during the Easter Sunday bombings. No recognition for talented people in Sri Lanka. This is the reason Sri Lanka continues to have blood baths since the independence. China has been helping the developing countries, especially South Asia to come up by investing Chinese people’s hard earned money. If you continue trust Indians who have no policy and others who had invaded Australasia and North America on genocides then I would advise the dragon to impose divide and conquer strategy. Last thing you want is the world’s largest populated country arming your countrymen to make you think pragmatically. All options are on the table and the dragon won’t hesitate to apply, if you fail to act pragmatically and continue to follow your ideology which was imposed by the foreign powers for centuries to rule over you forever.

  2. Mr. President, you have proven to be a weak leader. No where in our history has a leader of our country been so weak and powerless for terrorists and thugs to cause so much harm to our economy. You have allowed opposition to take advantage of current situation and put our country in turmoil. We are witnessing so much distrust and hatred among different communities under your leadership, we wonder if Sri Lanka would be same again. You have turned Sri Lanka into a banana republic. Please show some courage and bring law and order and restore peace that majority of Sri Lankan seeking.


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