Modi thanks Sirisena for helping promote Yoga

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today thanked President Maithripala Sirisena for helping promote Yoga.

President Sirisena today released a video where he is seen doing Yoga and speaking on the importance of Yoga.

Modi later tweeted saying “Thank you President @MaithripalaS for your support towards making Yoga more popular. Also glad to see you share your own experience of practising Yoga”.

Today is International Yoga Day and related events were held in India.

The main International Yoga Day event in Sri Lanka was held last Saturday. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Modi already thanked my3 for dismantling the Sri Lankan intelligence network :–))

    Intellectuals never supported India, only fools who can’t even get admission from low ranking South Asian universities will support India like Prabhakaran and My3. Even Prabhakaran later stage turned against India, because India doesn’t have a policy other than blindly following the West. Presidents JR and Premadasa didn’t follow India, because they are wise than my3.

  2. If anyone thinks that India has policy, ask yourself how many Indian universities are within the first 100 in the world ranking. If India doesn’t give priority for education what is the point of talking about India’s policies any further?

    Sri Lankan was the 2nd developed country in Asia when it had independence. Where it is now under the influence of India? Think about the suffering, agony, loss of lives and properties due to the brutal civil war, and humiliation Sri Lankans faced as refugees all around the world. Who was behind the Sri Lankans’ suffering and humiliation?

    Socially, Tamils are behind than Sinhalease, because of their affiliation with India. Speaking Tamil and become a terrorist has a positive correlation. Think about the LTTE and Muslim radicals, their mother tongue is Tamil. There was a time Tamils gave high priority for education, but they started give priority for terrorism in the 20th and 21st centuries.

    My total assets is less than 5000 US dollars. I am not getting paid to write against India. I am against India’s policies, but not against the people of India. All of my life I have developed my knowledge and I simply share with fellow Asians without getting paid, so Asians can come up.

  3. Flying Hitan has so many things to put in to right order in this country which got stalled for the last 5 years. For a simple example, Mount Lavinia is declared a Tourist Zone but to complete a center road divider on a short stretch, like in Wellawatta ( without the flower through in the middle), this government took almost 3 years. They are still grappling with widening Kaudana road for so many years. One can cultivate on either sides of the road Mount Lavinia is left as how it was left by previous govt. with no paving blocks for pedastrian pavements. I had my father in law fallen it to a drain while walking, through a broken concrete drain cover and injured his face. He was 80 years old. Now this Yoga is what exactly people were waiting for. Thank you


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