Abdul Razik claims TID was alerted about Zahran in 2016

The General Secretary of Ceylon Thowheed Jama’ath (CTJ) Abdul Razik today claimed that Terrorism Investigations Division (TID) was alerted in 2016 about some of the propaganda activities of Zahran Hashim.

He told the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) on the Easter Sunday attacks that Zahran Hashim had been promoting jihad using Facebook.

Razik says he handed over the video of speeches made by Zahran Hashim to the TID.

“We were concerned that he may implement jihad in the country so we alerted the authorities,” Razik said.

Abdul Razik also insisted that his organisation was not involved in terrorism but only promoted the true teachings of Islam.


  1. Even Zahran alerted the TID before killing himself and others nothing would have happened, because the foreign powers had done a fantastic job to disable the system which worked very well under the Rajapaksa administration. Otherwise the foreign powers would not have put Ranil and my3 in power.


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