Kattankudy Police was not alerted of possible attacks by Zahran

The Kattankudy Police was not alerted of possible attacks being carried out by Zahran Hashim in April, the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) on the Easter Sunday attacks was told today.

The current and former Officers in Charge (OIC) of the Kattankudy Police were questioned by the PSC today.

It was revealed earlier that there was intelligence information of a likely attack being carried out by a group led by Zahran Hashim in April.

However the Kattankudy OIC said that he was not advised by any authority to be on alert in April before the Easter Sunday attacks.

Zahran Hashim was based in Kattankudy and had a suspected training camp in the area.


  1. The foreign powers understand the status of Sri Lankan leaders. They knew that even if they pass the information the government would not be able to stop the attacks. The foreign powers played extremely well to dismantle the Sri Lankan intelligence network. The Sri Lankan leaders thought they had played their cards well to eliminate the LTTE, but the foreign powers started a different strategy. The current leaders trust everyone, especially Ranil. Former President JR wasn’t a bloody fool as Ranil. Only fools trust others, especially trusting the historical enemies who have been using terrorism to impose their interests.

  2. Wise people only pretend as they trust others, including their enemies. Only fools blindly trust others. Sri Lankan leaders blindly trust others, even though historically proven those people created and sustained terrorism in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it makes the Sri Lankan as utter fools. That is why Sri Lanka has been having blood baths since the independence. Former President JR went behind the West to develop the country without uniting the country because he believed that the brotherly and friendly countries would not consider terrorism as an option to undermine Sri Lanka. Likewise, Ranil and my3 also thought the same.


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