President wants nephrology hospital completed soon

President Maithripala Sirisena today instructed officials to ensure construction work on the China – Sri Lanka Friendship Nephrology hospital in Polonnaruwa is completed on time.

The President visited the construction site of the China – Sri Lanka Friendship Nephrology hospital in Polonnaruwa today to inspect progress on the project.

The Chinese funding for the kidney hospital is a result of discussions held between President Sirisena and Chinese President Xi Jinping during the former’s official visit to China in 2015.

President Sirisena laid the foundation stone for this hospital on 21st July 2018 which will be the largest such hospital in South Asia and will be equipped with a state-of-art laboratory and technology facilities to treat kidney patients.

The hospital, consists of a 200 bedded ward complex, OPD with 100 dialysis machines and six modern operation theaters, constructed at a total cost of Rs. 12 billion.

President Sirisena reviewed the progress of the construction and held discussions with officials present at the site.

The President was informed that the preliminary construction work has been completed and the hospital will be ready for full functioning by 30th July 2020.

A delegation of the Chinese Government who visited the site recently declared that the construction is been done in accordance to the agreed plan and following proper standards.

During today’s inspection tour, the President firmly advised officials to complete the construction on the due date in order to provide treatment and healthcare to hundreds of patients who are suffering from this deadly ailment.

The Director of the Polonnaruwa General Hospital Dr. Indika Sampath Kumara and many other officials were also present on this occasion.


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