Nepal warns bombings in Sri Lanka signal new type of terror threat in South Asia

Nepal has warned that the devastating Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka have signalled a “new type of terrorism” threat in South Asia.

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Ishwar Pokhrel said that Nepal has to learn from the lessons and experiences of its friends around the world on counter terrorism

Millennium Post quoted Pokhrel as saying it is very important to understand the complex phenomenon of terrorism in regional and national contexts.

Pokhrel said this while addressing a seminar ‘Dialogues on Public Security: Countering Terrorism’ organised by Nepal Army in Kathmandu.

Nine suicide bombers carried out a series of blasts that tore through three churches and as many luxury hotels on April 21, killing 258 people and injuring 500 others. “We have witnessed terrorist attacks on innocent civilians in many parts of the world and we have been saddened by those attacks,” he was quoted as saying.

“The Easter Sunday bombing attacks this April in Sri Lanka sent a clear and strong message that a new type of terrorism threat has arrived in South Asia,” the Deputy Prime Minister said in the presence of Ministers, foreign diplomats and top military officers.

There is a need to learn from the lessons and experiences of “our friends around the world on counter terrorism”, he said. Many security threats are cross-cutting and unconventional in nature in this century, Pokhrel said.


  1. Nepal also gets help from China to develop the country. Therefore, it must be vigilant about the brotherly and friendly country.


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