Hizbullah appears before TID to make statement

Former Eastern Province Governor M.L.A.M. Hizbullah appeared before the Terrorism Investigations Division (TID) today.

Hizbullah appeared before the TID to make a statement over an ongoing investigation.

He was questioned over a meeting he had with some Arabs in the East a day after the Easter Sunday attacks.

Hizbullah was questioned for around eight hours.


  1. Well the TID can listen to Hizbullah all week, months and years, but nothing will happen other than the wish of the foreign powers who brought Ranil and My3 to power. Well come to lala investigation, lala justice and lala good governance.

    The foreign powers put my3 and Ranil in power to impose their agendas, including unleashing terrorism as in the 1980s to make sure that Sri Lanka bows down to their demand.

    Sri Lankans have only one option to redeem themselves from the disaster that they have created. Just wait until the next election and put the right leaders in power. I wish you good luck 😉


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