US to impress upon Sri Lanka on need to respect human rights

The United States (US) says is will continue to impress upon Sri Lanka on the need to respect human rights.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary from the Bureau for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice G. Wells said that the US stands with Sri Lanka in investigating the Easter Sunday attacks and strengthening its counterterrorism capabilities.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation quickly deployed at the request of the Sri Lankan Government, and helped dismantle the local terrorist organizations that carried out these attacks,” she said.

Alice G. Wells said this is a written statement submitted to the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee for Asia, the Pacific, and Nonproliferation which was meeting today to discuss “U.S. Interests in South Asia and the FY 2020 Budget”.

She further noted that the US is assessing ways in which they can support the Sri Lankan Government while it re-orients its security apparatus toward addressing international terrorism, and will continue to impress upon Sri Lanka the need to respect human rights, including for members of minority groups, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Similarly, she said that as Sri Lanka heads into national elections, the United States will continue to urge that Sri Lanka maintain progress on post-conflict reconciliation, justice, and accountability, and adhere to its international human rights obligations and commitments.

Our request also provides economic assistance to help insulate Sri Lanka from dependency and economic manipulation by other states, she added.

The Trump administration has sought $30 million for the “Bay of Bengal” security initiative to provide foreign military financing to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Maldives.

This is in addition to the $64 million already announced by the Trump administration for regional activities to support infrastructure growth and connectivity. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. Stop listening to the Americans about human rights, because they don’t even live in their own country.

    The Facebook has blocked me from commenting for a month, because I posted that corrupt Indians are behind the Easter Sunday attacks. The Facebook blocked me because I have mentioned ‘corrupt Indians.’

    According to the Forbes magazine 2018 ‘India Continues To Rank Among Most Corrupt Countries In The World.’

    The West knows India in corrupt and behind, but backing India to undermine China. This policy will backfire on the West, because China and Russia understand the West and becoming strong allies. Only morally bankrupt corrupt Indians would go behind the West. The West loves to see China become trapped as India in the name of democracy, but the Chinese are too smart for that. If India is in the same position as China the West will bring India on its knees very easily, because it will be 1000 times easier to undermine India than China because of India’s caste, religious and language hatred.

  2. It is not only you. We Sinhalese have no allowed in the western news papers and internet Websites.
    Canadian and British were the worst. US quiet and I did see very open anti Singhese, but Because of Jews US became more threat with Obama and Clinton. Though Bill Clinton was good. The things got worst after as Jews increased espionage in the West and arrange marriage Clintons’ daughter. Jews did same thing top people daughters to get control Europe and North America. president Trump’s daughter is one of them. Clinton did mass murder in Libya solely under Direction of Jewish groups.
    American public almost like Singhalese public. President Trump and Clintons are Jewish relatives and of both of them directed by Jews and American get caught in Jewish tricks
    By the way China have to make quick move in Mongolia. Jews and Evangelist have been active converting Buddhist into Christianity to stage a conspiracy against and also, aim Sri lanka majority
    Conspiring against mean almost whole world under Jewish and evangelist control. Of cause, there are good people in the west, but Jews and religious groups are active against other religions
    Muslim, they don’t love them. They use Muslim extreme against other countries as well as against Muslim countries

    • Currently, lots of Asians who have Chinese background are converted to Evangelical Christians in Australia. All the big churches are filling with Chinese Christians in Melbourne. China must take a note of this, or those Christians will be used against China.

      • By looking what Sinhalese have been doing in last thirty years, they did nothing. Only group who can fight Jews and Evangelist is Islam, but Jews and western countries destroyed Islamic countries because Islamist and Islamic countries are divided. for example, if Pakistan were Saudi Arabia, they will never get divided or will never go against Palestinian or will not be foolish to go war with Yemen or Iran. turkey is another good strong country. and if Turkey, Pakistan, and China get together, it will be strong counter. China have military power but do not have intelligent knowledge or will power like Turk and Pakistan do

  3. American and Jews did make Korean Buddhist majority into minority by American military espionage.
    They did conspired against Sri lanka with help Mr Ranil and his wife is Christian and linked Tamil.
    American and Jews already did the foundation in Sri lanka by signing military agreement to do same thing what they did in Korea. Major problem came from dumb Buddhist monks who takes bribes from these fake Buddhists Christian and make them the leader of the country. Finally these dumb Buddhist monks and dumb Sinhalese Modayas who take bribe from the these fake Buddhist Christian and enjoy life, but We have to create global war now to liberate Sri lanka from these children blood shucking Jews and Evangelists.


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