Hizbullah reveals dealings with Zahran in 2015

Former Governor of the Eastern Province M.L.A.M. Hizbullah today revealed the dealings he had with Easter attacks mastermind Zahran Hashim in 2015.

Hizbullah told the Parliament Select Committee on the Easter Sunday attacks that he met Zahran Hashim in 2015 ahead of the Parliamentary elections.

He claimed that Zahran Hashim met all the Muslim candidates contesting the 2015 elections from Batticaloa.

“Not just me. Several Sri Lanka Muslim Congress candidates and others also met him,” Hizbullah said.

Hizbullah said that Hashim was then seen only as a preacher and was not known to have had links to terrorism.

He said that Zahran Hashim was a good speaker and he had several young followers.

Hizbullah said that he and some other candidates contesting the election had signed an agreement with him to seek his support for the elections.

Some of the conditions he had put forward were that candidates must not play music while campaigning, must not use firecrackers and must ensure women and men are seated separately at the election meetings.

Hizbullah said that Zahran however went against him a few days later as music had been played at one of his election meetings.

Hizbullah said that Zahran eventually made sure that he lost the 2015 Parliamentary elections. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why it took Hizbullah so long to reveal this information? I believe that Hizbullah is hiding other facts. Monks are not fools to go on “Fast Unto Death” without knowing the facts.


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