US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to visit Sri Lanka

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is to arrive in Sri Lanka later this month on a brief visit.

The US State Department said Secretary Pompeo will travel to the Indo-Pacific region on June 24th through the 30th to broaden and deepen US partnership with key countries to advance their  shared goal of a free and open Indo-Pacific.

The Secretary’s first stop will be in New Delhi, India. The US said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent election victory provides an excellent opportunity for him to implement his vision for a strong and prosperous India that plays a leading role on the global stage.

The Secretary’s next stop will be in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where Secretary Pompeo will express America’s solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka as they stand united against the despicable Easter Sunday terrorist attacks.

He will also discuss promising opportunities for U.S.-Sri Lanka cooperation based on shared commitments to a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

From Colombo the Secretary will travel to Osaka, Japan to participate in the G20 Leaders’ Summit from June 28th to 29th, the first such gathering hosted by Japan.

The last US Secretary of State to visit Sri Lanka was John Kerry in May 2015. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Secretary Pompeo thinks he is safe in Sri Lanka, because America is an ally of India. Seems like he doesn’t really understand Indians :—))))

  2. Secretary Pompeo will visit India first. India to “broaden partnership with the US” in support of the US’ vision of the Indo-Pacific region.

    Indian big brothers don’t have their own version, but following the US version. Therefore, little SriLankan brothers have to follow their Indian big brothers.


  3. Pompeo is bad news. As the country is unstable due to the recent Terrorist attack, this is the best time USA can infiltrate Sri Lanka.

    Look at the middle East, Africa, Vietnam, etc. Everywhere USA went to “help” the countries ended up being worse.
    I pray our politicians don’t sell us.

    We as sri Lankans won the 30 year civil war, have survived natural disasters.
    The ISIS too can be eliminated without the help from USA or we will end up like middle East.

    • my friend you must be joking. During the last natural disaster do you know who pocketed all the money received from US tax payers? That was not nickel and dimes.

  4. Democracy demands truthful transparency or political openness to ALL citizens. Truthful accountability or answerability, to ALL citizens who voted the legislators to the parliament, is also required in any democracy. When practiced, democracy yields the good fruits of freedom, peace, stability, development and prosperity to ALL citizens.

    On the other hand, Extremism contradicts democracy. Extremism originates from exaggerated and manipulated untruth, lie or falsehood, passed on for generations; causing, violence, death and destruction. This is the reason for ISIS extremism and Sinhala Buddhist Extremism (SBE) in Sri Lanka (SL). ISIS uses Arabic and SBE uses Pali, unknown to others, to easily say any untruth in SL

    Extremism is a mind set. A mind set is created by a person himself by his own choice. It is a collection of words the person listens to, the photo images he sees and the thoughts arising therefrom in his mind. Any convincing thought or actions, chosen and accepted by the person, to establish in his mind and act accordingly creates a mind set. A mind set is an attitude

    The mind set of a person created with love, honour and respect for others with kind words and deeds will have good conscience coming from a good or “light filled mind set”. Any mind set created by the evil of anger, hatred, violence, death and destruction to others; justifying the evil deeds, has a bad conscience and a “dark mind set”. There is no light in such a person’s life but an extremism.

    Albert Einsten, a world renown scientist, explained that darkness is simply the absence of light. Likewise, the absence of good causes the bad of extremism.

    A week ago, I saw an aerial video clip, taken 10 years ago, showing bombs exploding and countless bodies of dead Tamil civilians massacred, in the “No Fire Zone”, created by the UN at Mulliavaykaal in SL. This reminded me of the first Atom Bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1948 and the countless deaths and human sufferings in Japan.

    Japan, a country where the emperor and citizens claimed to be Buddhists in 1940s, obviously became extremists with a “dark mind set”. Like Adolf Hitler, Japan invaded Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries and did barbarous and ugly cruelties. Japanese soldiers murdered people, hung dead bodies on trees, raped and killed women. They had no respect for life.

    Buddhists in SL live in the Buddhism of 1940s of Japan. In 1983, atrocities similar to those carried out by Japan in 1940s were carried out by Sinhalese in SL against ethnic Tamils. because of the same reason of Buddhist extremism. On 23-=5-2019, the President of SL and the soldiers who carried out Mullivaykaal massacre, dressed like the soldiers of Adolf Hitler, celebrated the “Victory” of war with LTTE, instead of feeling sorry for the cruelty and massacre of 100,000 Tamil civilians by them.

    The problem in SL is, the Sinhala Buddhist extremist political leaders and priests, who have a “dark mind set”, fearing Truth,. The History books continue to be full of lies, falsehood and untruth, to keep SBE alive. Even if the history books are made truthful, it will take at least 30 years to eliminate SBE in SL, It is for this reason, the UHHRC resolution 50/1, calling for truth, reconciliation, justice and peace have not moved forward in SL Therefore. the problem of granting Justice to the murdered and disappeared Tamils, Tamil Genocide and war reparations cannot be resolved for the next 30 years,

    The Presidfent was telling a lie that the situation after the Easter bomb attacks was 99% normal to diplomats on 27-5-2019. First, the “dark mind set” of the SBE has to be dealt with severity immediately. The GSL, the Sinhalese Buddhists and the soldiers cannot be good with SBE in their blood. Therefore, UNSG should send its Blue Helmets without further delay and maintain peace, TILL SBE is undone and eliminated. As SL sends soldiers to serve in the UN peace keeping force, why does GSL refuse to allow the UN to send its peace keeping force, even when UNSG sees the need for it?

  5. Welcome to US secretary of state Pompeo USA is not going to infiltrate Srilanka if that is the case where ever he goes is USA going to infiltrate each and every country you cannot generalize what happened 40 years back with current situation Srilankan government can handle their own problems Government has not agreed to setup a USA base in Srilanka we have been under foreign rule for over 400 years and Prabakaran ruled Northern part of the country for 20 years or more my gut feeling is Srilanka will survive world has changed over the years when ever a country is in danger or needs the friendly countries come forward to help each other it is up to the head of state the President to protect the sovereignty of Srilanka I am sure he will do it rumor mongers and extremist always will there for an opportunity to create a problem they are more dangerous than India or USA

    • Indians are fools compare to the West and China. Eventually, Indians will pay for their stupidity. Indians can lean towards the West to undermine China, but eventually Indians will pay for it as the West undermined Russia after defeating the Nazies with the help of Russians. I am pleased, because Indians will pay for their foolishness and cunning deals.


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