Huawei Sri Lanka dismisses concerns over Facebook

Huawei Sri Lanka has dismissed concerns over the installation of the Facebook application.

It was reported that Facebook is no longer allowing pre-installation of its apps on Huawei phones, the latest blow for the Chinese tech giant as it struggles to keep its business afloat in the face of a U.S. ban on its purchase of American parts and software.

However Huawei Sri Lanka in a statement said that Facebook is a third party application, and can be installed and used without any issue on Huawei Devices.

It was reported that customers who already have Huawei phones will still be able to use its apps and receive updates.

But new Huawei phones will no longer be able to have Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps pre-installed.

Smartphone vendors often enter business deals to pre-install popular apps such as Facebook. Apps including Twitter and also come pre-installed on Huawei phones in many markets.

The move by Facebook dampens the sales outlook for Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, whose smartphone business became its biggest revenue generator last year, powered by strong growth in Europe and Asia. (Colombo Gazette/Reuters)


  1. It’s an opportunity for China to unveil a Chinese made social media in Sri Lanka and also in the other parts of Asia. Sooner or later the Western social media must be stopped or controlled in great detail, including confirming the identity of the person and their postings.


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