India says relationship with Sri Lanka has seen landmark changes

India says its relationship with Sri Lanka has seen landmark changes in the last five years.

The High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka Taranjit Singh Sandhu said that Prime Minister Modi became the first Prime Minister of India to visit Sri Lanka after a gap of 28 years, with his historic visit to the island in March 2015.

He visited Sri Lanka again in May 2017 as Chief Guest at the International Vesak Day celebrations.

“The decisive mandate for PM Modi in the recent elections in India is a reflection of support for continuation of the Government’s policies. The continuation and further strengthening of these policies is also in Sri Lanka’s interest,” he said.

Taranjit Singh Sandhu said that Prime Minister Modi will carry the message of solidarity and hope from the people of India to the people of Sri Lanka, in the aftermath of April 21 attacks, when he visits Sri Lanka on Sunday.

The High Commissioner was speaking after he inaugurated the 21st Diploma Course in Diplomacy & World Affairs at the Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute (BIDTI) in Colombo today.

This was High Commissioner’s first public address in Sri Lanka, after the re-election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India.

“Terrorism and radicalism pose a collective threat to humanity. The recent attacks in Sri Lanka, is not just against Sri Lanka. Terrorism anywhere in the world attacks the conscience of whole humanity; it attacks the human spirit that we are one. The divisive Jihadi ideology needs to be isolated and eliminated, as it is a threat to regional security and global peace. PM Modi has offered all possible assistance in this regard, should Sri Lanka require,” the High Commissioner said.

He also said that India has always been a First Responder to Sri Lanka’s needs and priorities. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Philippines is sending the rubbish back to Canada. This will never happen in South Asia under the corrupt leadership of India. South Asia will remain poor and continue to bow down to the West under the India’s leadership. However, the West will continue to hoodwink South Asians that South Asia is doing great under the leadership of India :–)))

    I have four siblings, but never seen or heard three of them having a job. However, they love religion and democracy, because the democracy and religion are supporting their lazy life. I had only seen one brother who had a job as factory worker in Canada. He landed in Canada as a refugee. They all have basic education, two of them didn’t pass A/L, one of them only passed grade 8, but they all think that they know better than me because they go to church very often and faithful to the West.

    The West has four of my siblings to undermine my credibility to enforce its propaganda and agendas. In the name of democracy foolishness have multiplied. Sri Lanka has too many fools, and the West and India have plenty of fools to use in order to impose their agendas. The wise South Asians have no chance to do any good for their motherland, even if they do they will be eliminated. Former Foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar is a perfect example.

    According to my analysis, South Asia is the most dangerous place in Asia, especially Sri Lanka. This trend will continue to get worse, because India will continue to fight the unwinnable war through terrorism. Therefore, my advice to fellow Sri Lankans, get out of Sri Lanka if you can and avoid unnecessary trips to Sri Lanka. If you have urgent visit to see your family members make it short and completely avoid public places.

  2. The Muslim radicals would have attacked Indian High Commission, if India wasn’t partner in crime on the Easter Sunday. Generally speaking, Muslim radicals hate India more than Sri Lanka, however radicals didn’t do anything for the Indian High commission. It is clear, India made those radicals to accomplish its short term goal to shake Sri Lanka, in order to dominate Sri Lanka. India can continue to shake Sri Lanka, because Sri Lankan leaders are not wise as Singaporen or Malaysian leaders. India will continue to remove talented Sri Lankans from the decision making circle. Eventually, it will comeback and haunt Indians for undermining South Asian politicical arena.

  3. India’s failed policies continue to put South Asia backward while China and South East Asia moving forward. Sri Lanka has no hope under the leadership of India. South Asians think that having basic education to read and write is enough so they keep on breeding as rabbits without educating their children to the world standards. The truth is even if you have done your university education in South Asia it is not enough to think like a westerner, because not even one South Asian university rank within 200 in the world. The South Asian Universities are so behind in 21st century curriculum and giving away good marks for foolish students under corruption.

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