Canada updates travel advise on Sri Lanka

Canada has updated the travel advise issued on Sri Lanka following the Easter Sunday attacks.

Canada has updated the risk level to “Exercise a high degree of caution in Sri Lanka” as there was an improvement in the situation in the country.

However, in the terrorism section Canada still warns that there is a threat of terrorism in Sri Lanka after the Easter Sunday attacks.

Canada notes that on April 21, 2019, several explosions occurred at different locations, including hotels and churches, in the greater Colombo area and Batticaloa. These attacks resulted in more than 250 deaths and 500 injuries.

“Further attacks can’t be ruled out. Targets could include government buildings, including schools, places of worship, airports and other transportation hubs and networks, public areas such as tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, shopping centres, markets, hotels and other sites frequented by foreigners,” Canada has noted.

Canadians visiting Sri Lanka have been urged to be always aware of the surroundings when in public places.


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