Business community concerned violence may occur again

The business community in Sri Lanka have raised concerns violence may break out in the country again.

In a letter to Defence Secretary General S H S Kottegoda, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said it is deeply concerned about the possibility that events that threaten the law and order situation in the country, will unfold.

This concern stems from positions taken and utterances made very recently by certain parties, Dhara Wijayatilake, Secretary General and CEO of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said in the letter.

She said that as the highest ranking official vested with responsibility for the maintenance of law and order, the expect Kottegoda will ensure that all necessary measures are taken to maintain peace, law and order and prevent the occurrence of unlawful and disruptive activities that will disturb the peace of the communities.

“We also need to understand whether all allegations against those who are suspected and accused of engaging in terrorist activities have in fact been investigated and that the administration of justice process has been complied with and that we can have confidence that all suspicions are being adequately investigated irrespective of the positions being held by those who are suspected to be involved,” she added.

Copies of the letter were also send to the Army Commander, Acting IGP and Chief of Defence Staff. (Colombo Gazette)


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