President defends Sri Lanka’s relationship with China

President Maithripala Sirisena has defended Sri Lanka’s relationship with China.

The President, who has just returned after a visit to India, has said that the relationship between both countries are purely based on the economy and trade.

He said that any two countries which have a relationship based on the economy will not focus on anything else.

The President said that Sri Lanka will act responsibly on this matter.

There have been concerns raised both in India and in the US that China may attempt to use its relationship with Sri Lanka to establish a military base in Hambantota.

The President also said that Sri Lanka’s foreign policy is to maintain a neutral relationship with every country.

He said that if there is a rift between any country Sri Lanka will play a mediating role. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. ‘If there is a rift between any country Sri Lanka will play a mediating role.’ – My3
    The country fought the Asia’s longest brutal civil war for decades. The leaders can not even protect their people and tourists, but they believe that they have the ability play a mediating role between superpowers. This is the biggest joke I have heard this year. The foreign powers who brought Ranil and My3 to power are having a great time :–)))

    Do you think that Singapore has a policy to accommodate Chinese and Indians at the expense of the West? Singapore only committed to the West, it does not have a non alliance policy, because they are not fools like you. Tamils are minority in Singapore and Malaysia, do you think that India can use Tamils to divide and conquer those countries? India has no chance because those countries’ leaders are wiser than Sri Lankan leaders. Examine the Sri Lankan president’s qualification and ask yourself what chance Sri Lankan government has to think globally?


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