Police probe Palaly mine explosion which killed soldier

The Police are investigating an explosion in Palaly yesterday in which a soldier was killed.

The explosion was caused by an old mine in Palaly.

A group of soldiers had been clearing land in Palaly when the explosion took place killing one soldier and injuring two others.

Meanwhile, the Army said that an accidental explosion of an unserviceable device that had remained in the perimeter areas of Vasavilan Army Camp, Palaly killed the soldier and injured two soldiers who were engaged in some clearing work at dusk yesterday (Saturday).

The Army said that it is believed that the said explosive device had been left unattended underground in areas yet to be cleared at the time of the explosion.

The Army said that Police and Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police investigations are underway.

Although over 97% of humanitarian demining has been already completed in the affected grounds giving priority to the areas of civilian habitation and land to be resettled, some land around the Army camps are yet to be cleared of explosives, the Army media unit said. (Colombo Gazette)


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