Kiriella insists nothing wrong in revealing information to public

Minister of Public Enterprise, Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development and Leader of the House of Parliament Lakshman Kiriella insists there is nothing wrong in revealing information to the public.

He said that a Parliament Select Committee (PSC) was appointed to look into the unfortunate event that took place on 21st April.

The sittings of the PSC are open to the media and very sensitive information was made public on the very first day.

“I emphasize that everybody has a right to know about that unfortunate event. Accordingly, the Hon. Speaker took a decision to live telecast the Committee,” Kiriella said.

However he noted that an individual had attempted to disrupt the live broadcast of the first meeting by the PSC.

“That was a violation of Parliamentary privileges. Nobody has a right to disrupt a decision taken by Parliament as per provisions of the Constitution. What are they trying to conceal? People in this country have a right to know what really happened on 21st April and where the system was not in line,” he said.

The Minister also noted that all the areas that came under attack after the Easter Sunday bombings were UNP strongholds.

“Therefore, there is something behind these attacks. We have to reflect as to who really is attempting to get advantages by attacking UNP strongholds,” he said.


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