India and Sri Lanka agree to work together for peace and security

President Maithripala Sirisena, who graced the swearing-in-ceremony of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday, today had bilateral talks with the Prime Minister.

In a bilateral meeting today, President Sirisena congratulated the Indian Prime Minister on the re-assumption of Office following the resounding victory of his Party in the recently-held General Elections and reiterated his desire to work together to strengthen relations between the two countries for peace, prosperity and security in our region, the Indian Foreign Ministry said.

Prime Minister Modi warmly thanked President Sirisena for his gesture of attending the Ceremony and also for his good wishes.

He conveyed his government’s continued commitment to further foster friendly bilateral ties with Sri Lanka.

The leaders noted that terrorism and extremism continue to pose threat to humanity and committed to closer bilateral cooperation for peace and security in South Asia and the Indian Ocean region.


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