India lifts travel warning issued for Sri Lanka

India has lifted the travel warning issued for Sri Lanka following the Easter Sunday attacks.

In a statement issued in New Delhi today, the Indian Government noted that the security situation in Sri Lanka is gradually returning to normal with the lifting of curfew and restrictions on social media and the opening of schools.

Indian nationals travelling to Sri Lanka are advised to be careful and vigilant.

Indian nationals requiring any assistance can get in touch round the clock with our High commission in Colombo, Assistant High Commission in Kandy and Consulates in Jaffna and Hambantota.

The helpline numbers of the Indian High Commission in Colombo are: +94-772234176 +94-777902082 +94-112422788 +94-112422789

Earlier China and Switzerland had also lifted the travel warnings issued on Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. India lifts travel warning for Sri Lanka because China did it. Examine how China handles Taiwan then compare how India handles Sri Lanka. Taiwan didn’t fight the longest brutal civil war for decades and bombs do not go off very often as in Sri Lanka. Exercise your wheels of THINKING and become cognitive people. Cognition refers to the process of thinking. It is the IDENTIFICATION, UNDERSTANDING AND PERCEIVING KNOWLEDGE.

    If you are a South Asian it will be hard to become cognitive people, because of your religious, caste and language hatred. However, you can train yourselves to think differently. Firstly, you need to disassociate with the people who follows caste, religion and language adamantly. Look for the people who are interested to develop the country and people’s lifestyle. Having better life is far more important than worrying about caste, religion or language.

  2. You hit the rnail right on the head mate. Our people are learned but lacking cognitive thinking.. this is why we got 200+ scarecrows “Governing”


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