Angelo surprised at Mahela’s allegations

Sri Lanka cricketer and former captain Angelo Mathews said he was surprised by allegations made against him by former cricketer Mahela Jayawardene.

Mathews noted that everyone has their own opinion and Jayawardene is entitled to his but he was still surprised by the allegation.

Jayawardene was quoted in the media as blaming Mathews for the side’s downfall.

Jayawardene. accused Mathews of giving into cricket politics and allowing others to make decisions instead of standing up for the players.

“He needs to be a stronger leader, to be with the players and do the right thing. But he gave in to cricket politics. He allowed other people to make decisions and did not stand up for his players,” Jayawardene had been quoted as saying.

In response, Mathews tweeted saying “Thanks for the concern guys everyone has their opinion and mj has his too.suprised to see some of his comments while denying them my top priority now is the World Cup and I urge mj to help us with his knowledge and encouragement in this crucial time wich will mean alot Thank you.” (Colombo Gazette)


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