Public sign boards in a foreign language to be removed

A circular to be issued to remove public sign boards which are in a foreign language, Provincial Councils Minister Vajira Abeywardena said today.

He said that all Government officials have been informed that public sign boards can only be in Sinhalese, Tamil or English and not any other language.

Abeywardena said that not just Government institutions, but even private institutions will need to comply with the instructions.

The Minister specifically noted that if any sign board is in Arabic then it must be removed immediately.

He said that local area officials can obtain the assistance of the Police or Army to remove such sign boards.

Vajira Abeywardena also said that one law applies to Sri Lanka and so there cannot be multiple laws in the country for different communities.

He said that while there maybe cultural differences in Sri Lanka the law is the same to all. (Colombo Gazette)


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