Sri Lanka denies claims trade with Pakistan affected

Sri Lanka denied claims that trade with Pakistan has been affected and insisted that reports to that effect are false.

The Sri Lankan High Commission in Pakistan said that a news item titled “Pakistan’s trade with Sri Lanka Comes to a halt” which appeared in a Pakistan newspaper was false.

Having seen the said disturbing news Item, which is absolutely untrue and incorrect, the High Commission made an attempt to ascertain it’s veracity from the newspaper concerned and the Office of the Consul General of Sri Lanka in Karachi, which mainly deals with corporate and commercial matters, the Sri Lankan High Commission in Pakistan said.

The Consulate, thereupon made inquiries swiftly and informed the High commission that it contacted the person who was purported to have given a statement to the said newspaper.

Aslam Pakhali, to whom the statement in the said news item was attributed had been contacted by the Consulate and it transpired that Pakhali had not made such statement or provided any such information to the newspaper as reported.

Further, he confirmed that he had neither met the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka nor did he lead a delegation as was reported.

The High Commissioner thereupon wrote to the editor of the newspaper and expressed his dismay and dissatisfaction over the fake news and demanded a correction thereof.

The High Commission emphatically states that no person by the name of Aslam Pakhali referred to in the said news item, met the High Commissioner or the Consulate General as reported.

The said fake news item has been published without proper verification of the facts contained therein.


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