Maldives asks Lanka to clarify claims made by Army chief

The Maldives Government has asked Sri Lanka to clarify a claim made by its army chief, saying that Maldivian citizens have been traveling to Syria via the country, Raajje TV reported.

Communications director at the foreign ministry, Miuvan Mohamed confirmed this to RaajjeMV, noting that the government has concerns regarding the claims by the top government official.

Miuvan added that these concerns have been shared with Sri Lankan authorities, including problems that such a claim could cause to Maldivians residing there.

Hence, the Government has asked for an official statement on the matter, given that the army chief’s comments could lead to “confusion and hatred” towards Maldivians despite the fact investigations into the Easter Sunday terror attack have yet to find links to any Maldivians.

Maldives also asked the Lankan Government to ensure the safety of its citizens living, and traveling there.

The Sri Lankan terror attacks on April 21 killed more than 250 people, and injured more than 500.

The neighboring country has since taken a number of measures, including launching a nation-wide search operation and changing its resident visa procedures.


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