Army chief appeals to parents to send children to school

Sri Lanka Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake has appealed to parents to send their children to school.

Senanayake said that the military and Police have taken steps to strengthen the security in schools following the Easter Sunday attacks.

Most parents have been reluctant to send children to school following the attacks as they had security concerns.

However Senanayake today assured that there was no threat to the security of the children.

A satisfactory level of attendance of employees at private and state sector has been reported in the recent few days as a result of intensified security arrangements in place, prompting day-today-life to reach full normalcy as seen in the past few weeks.

“Irrespective of all security measures in place for students to attend schools when the second school reopened, many parents trusting unconfirmed stories, various rumours and gossip were reluctant to send in their beloved children to schools. At this juncture, I emphasize that since members of the Armed Forces and the Police on priority basis have taken all necessary steps to ensure security arrangements for all schools, parents should now send their children to schools without resorting to irrational fears as such,” the Army Commander said in a statement.

He said that although several violent acts from some areas were reported after the terrorist attack, members of the Armed Forces and the Police have been able to apprehend many of them and bring them to justice after bringing those violent acts under control.

“In order to avoid any recurrence of such violent acts, Armed Forces and the Police have now jointly launched a programme. During the past two days of Vesak, a security network was in effect covering all Buddhist places of worship and all Vesak programmes ended successfully without any untoward incident or breach of peace whatsoever across the island as a result,” Senanayake said.

He also urged everyone in the country to cooperate with the armed forces to carry out their security duties effectively(Colombo Gazette)


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