President recalls even IPKF could not defeat LTTE

President Maithripala Sirisena today recalled that even Indian troops could not defeat the LTTE during the war.

He said that over 100,000 Indian Peacekeeping Force (IPKF) troops had been sent to Sri Lanka during the war on a request made by Sri Lanka yet the foreign troops could not help defeat the LTTE.

The IPKF was in Sri Lanka from 1987 to 1990 and withdrew from Sri Lanka in 1990.

Eventually, the President noted, it was the Sri Lankan military which defeated the LTTE and ended the 30 year war.

The President expressed these views while speaking at a National event held to mark 10 years since the end of the war at the National War Memorial near the Parliament complex.

Speaking further, the President said that the defeat of the LTTE was welcomed by all and the focus later shifted to developing the country.

However, he said that unexpectedly terror struck Sri Lanka in April this year resulting in around 300 people being killed.

The President said that the Sri Lankan military and Police are now focused on defeating the new threat faced by Sri Lanka.

He said that all those involved in the Easter Sunday attacks have either been killed or arrested.

However, he said no one can control the spread of religious extremism so Sri Lanka needs to work with the international community to defeat what is an international threat. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. IPKF did not come to Sri Lanka to take the role of SRI Lanka Army to defeat LTTE. They were essentially a Peacekeeping Force. They Failed in their role.

  2. When fools say nothing they can at least pretend as wise. But when they speak nonsense they can not hide their foolishness. Do not underestimate the Indian army that cheaply. You can speak the facts, because people may tolerate, but you make enemies when you insult others. As the President you should not insult others and make enemies. The IPKF could have defeated the LTTE, but they didn’t want their hands full of blood, and India wasn’t prepared to face the Tamil Nadu and international communities while having Tamils’ blood in the Indian armies’ hands, especially India created the LTTE.

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