Skip the line and reserve your spot in the latest style trend

Dots and Stripes (not the Morse code kind) are two basic design templates that have been considered fashionable ever since Disney introduced Minnie Mouse wearing a red polka dot dress in 1928 and Coco Chanel brought stripes into the mainstream in 1917.

Keeping this in mind, MAZE has introduced the Dots & Stripes collection, its latest range of high quality, comfortable and groovy socks.

So #GetMazeted and let your socks do the talking next time with the versatile Dots & Stripes collection from MAZE.

MAZE are known for their colourful, funky socks inspired by various Sri Lankan elements. MAZE can be purchased online at, or if you would prefer to touch and feel the products before purchase, they are also available at ShirtWorks, Selyn, Urban Island, Dilly & Carlo, RIPE and Olive.


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