Mahason Balakaya leader Amith Weerasinghe remanded

Mahason Balakaya leader Amith Weerasinghe, who was arrested by the Police yesterday, was today ordered to be remanded till May 28.

Weerasinghe was arrested over an incident reported from Theldeniya.

Amith Weerasinghe had instigated attacks on Muslims in parts of Kandy last year.

He had also attempted to stage a protest in Kandy on Saturday but a court order was issued against the protest. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Who is this Amith Weerasinghe he is a trouble maker what is his problem why is he behaving like this Maha Sona from where is he getting funds who is supporting him who is behind him is he used by JO and other politicians the problem is everybody thinks they are smart and trying teach the rulers how to run the country
    we are electing a government to run from the day they elected till their period come to an end we cannot over throw governments to satisfy our agenda.
    We have to wait for the next election let the people decide.


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