UN alarmed over attacks on religious minorities in Sri Lanka

The United Nations (UN) says it is alarmed over the attacks on religious minorities in Sri Lanka.

A joint statement by Adama Dieng, United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, and Karen Smith, United Nations Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect said they are alarmed about the growing acts of violence on the basis of religion, including attacks against homes places of worship and businesses, in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka.

The Special Advisers noted a recent spate of attacks against Muslim and Christian communities in Sri Lanka.

The attacks committed on this weekend of 11 May follow deadly attacks carried out on Easter Sunday of 21 April 2019, against churches and hotels in various parts of the country in which more than 200 people were killed and hundreds were injured.

The recent violence in Sri Lanka has highlighted a growing influence of nationalist and extremist views of identity in the Asia region, putting religious minorities at risk.

The Special Advisers stated that it is in the interest of all ethnic and religious groups in Sri Lanka, as well as the Government, the opposition, civil society and the security sector, to work collaboratively in taking appropriate action and immediately stop these hateful attacks.

“The country is trying to move forward from a traumatic period of inter-ethnic armed conflict, but these attacks are pushing Sri Lanka backwards. If not adequately dealt with, the recent violence has the potential to escalate even further.”

The Special Advisers acknowledged and welcomed the swift response of the Government, including by deploying the security forces to protect affected communities and addressing the spread of false information and incitement to violence.

They also encouraged the Government to make sure that these and other past similar attacks are fully investigated and those responsible for instigating or committing these violent acts are brought to justice and made accountable.

They added that “the Government needs to give the example that it will not tolerate the spread of prejudice and hate among groups within its population. This needs to be done at national and local level, by putting an end to local discriminatory practices that perpetuate religious intolerance and violence”. Mr. Dieng and Ms. Smith also offered their support to work with the Government on inter-faith and inter-religious harmony and inclusivity.

The Special Advisers concluded by stating that “Sri Lanka has a pluralistic society. To be a Sri Lankan is to be a Buddhist, to be Hindu, to be a Muslim, to be a Christian. All these communities are entitled to their identity, to freely exercise their religion and to live in peace and security in Sri Lanka, as recognized by the country’s Constitution. We call on all Sri Lankans to respect one another.”


  1. The people of Sri Lanka(SL) are not serious people. Mostly, they do not search the truth and apply it in daily life. They love untruth, falsehood or lie and lead a bad and unfruitful life, unable to face reality, confront falsehood and be successful. They face punishment for their wrong decisions in different forms. Unless they turn away from this evil way of living SL will continue to suffer the consequences.

    The main problem in SL is Sinhala Buddhist extremism (SBE). The Buddhist religious leaders and Sinhala politicians are the reason for the present mess. Their extremism created a few revengeful, violent and extremist Muslim extremist.

    SBE has made most Sinhalese to be stupid in knowing the real history of the island, Buddhism, human relations and politics. With stupidity the Sinhalese falsely think they are clever able to control problems in SL.

    Last GSL though incapable of solving the Tamil problem by peaceful talks with LTTE, waged a ruthless war against their own civilian 100,000 citizens within a “No fire Zone”. The Sinhalese hailed this barbarous action as a heroic deed of the Sinhalese. The Truth was hidden under SBE.

    Gotabaya Rajapakse, ih his lack of wisdom, is now known to have created Muslim “Home Guards”, armed them and paid big money to at least 26 Muslim, to destroy Tamils. Most of the NTJ terrorist bombers were former “Home Guards”. The arms the soldiers capture now and their uniforms were supplied bhy GSL. Now, the president p[eads with ISIS to help SL to be free. This stupidity originates from SBE


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