PM appeals for calm following civil unrest

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today appealed for calm after civil unrest broke out, especially in the Kurunegala District targeting Muslims.

The Prime Minister urged the public not to be swayed by false information.

“I appeal to all citizens to remain calm and not be swayed by false information. Security forces are working tirelessly to apprehend terrorists and ensure the security of the country, but each time there is civil unrest, we increase their burden and hamper ongoing investigations,” he said.

The appeal was made after several Muslim owned shops and other property were damaged or destroyed by mobs in the Kurunegala District yesterday and today.

A Police curfew was imposed in several areas in the Kurunegala District following the violence. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear Prime Minister,

    You brought this disaster because you have trusted your allies blindly. You must resign immediately. This is what you have achieved after 40 years of political experience. Your uncle JR (former Sri Lankan President) must be devastated in his grave.

  2. Ranil.W and Chandrika.K introduced a totally unsuitable Executive leadership to Srilanka. Just ignored security concerns, concentrating only on personal gains. Looked after and defended corrupt elements by further encouraging and giving leadership to them. Created an environment for Opposition bankrupt and corrupt politicians to rise again. Country is in Limbo with dumb Political Leadership. SHAME SHAME on this lot……..


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